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>>> Guidelines for References and Quotations for download

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> on atmosphere, representation
> on Læsø

> on performance see also under > on installation

Chris Salter (2010) Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance, Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press

> on archipelagos

journals and articles:
Callejas, Luis (Ed.) (2013) Islands and Atolls. Pamphlet Architecture 33. Princeton Architectural Press

books and chapters:
Aureli, Pier Vittorio (2001) “Toward the Archipelago.Defining the political and the formal in architecture”, in: Aureli, Pier Vittorio (2001) The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London: The MIT Press, pp.1-47

Hertweck, Florian; Marot, Sébastien (Eds.) (2013) Berlin: A Green Archipelago. Lars Müller Publishers

> on representation

books and chapters:

Ishigami, Junya  Another Scale of Architecture. Kyoto: Seigensha Art Publishing, 2010

Reiser + Umemoto Atlas of Novel Tectonics. Princeton Architectural Press, New York 2006

Brett, Guy; Grandas, Teresa (1999) Force Fields: Phases of the Kinetic. Hayward Gallery Publishing

Corner, James & MacLean, Alex (1996) Taking measures across the American landscape. New Haven, CT.: Yale University Press.

Damisch, Hubert (2002) A Theory of /Cloud/: Toward a History of Painting. Stanford University Press

Lach,Denise; Frutiger, Adrian (2013) Calligraphy: A Book of Contemporary Inspiration. Thames and Hudson

> external links


Gerhard Richter's Atlas:https://www.gerhard-richter.com/en/art/atlas

on maps


> on devices

books and chapters:
Blume, Torsten; Christian, Hiller (2014) Human - Space - Machine. Stage experiments at the Bauhaus. Spector Books

Crary, Jonathan (1992). Techniques of the Observer. On Vision and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century. Cambridge, Massachusetts, London: MIT Press

Keeney, Chris (2011) Pinhole cameras: a do-it-yourself guide, New York: Princeton Architectural Press,

Lim, Cj. (2005) Devices. A manual of architectural + spatial machines. Routledge

Manaugh, Geoff (2013). Landscape Futures: Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions. Barcelona: Actar

Morell, Abelardo; Sante, Luc (2004) Camera Obscura, Bulfinch

Canguilhem, George (1989)"Machine and Organism"  In  Incorporations (ed) Crary, Jonathan and Kwinter, Sanford New York: Zone Books New York: Zone Books pp 44-64



> on atmosphere

journals and articles:
Constructing Atmospheres, Daidalos n68, June 1998;

Oase #91, Building Atmosphere, 2013;

books or chapters:
Berleant, Arnold (1992) The aesthetics of environment, Philadelphia: Temple University Press,

Borch, Christian (Ed.) (2014), Architectural Atmospheres. On the Experience and Politics of Architecture, Basel: Birkhäuser.

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